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MIRUS PREZIOSI carries out laboratory analyzes, appraisals and value estimates on valuables of all kinds with the issue of a written certificate, opening of safety deposit boxes.


The analyzes are carried out in the presence of the customer using modern equipment for the correct evaluation of the characteristics of the analyzed jewels and gems.


Estimates and appraisals for:

jewelry sales
opening safety boxes


The holder is a Gemologist graduated from the American Gemological Institute (GIA), guarantee of correctness and seriousness in the analyzes, Member of the Italian Gemological Association (Reg. No. 541) and Expert registered in the Register of Experts and Experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna - CTP


Our laboratory uses the following advanced equipment to identify the nature and characteristics of the gems subjected to analysis:

- Trinocular darkfield microscope with eyepieces up to 90 magnifications

- hydrostatic balance for the evaluation of the specific weight of the gems (SG)

- refractometer

- polariscope

- long wave (LW) and short wave (SW) UV lamp

- dichroscope

- hot and cold light sources

- color filters

- fiber optic light generator

- triplets

- ocular proportionometers




- COMPLETE verbal or written report (with issue of a signed gemological certificate)

- PARTIAL verbal or written report (weight only, color only, purity only)

- determination of gem type

- determination of value from existing certificate (without viewing the gem)

- certificate congruity check - gem

- estimate of the commercial value of V.P.R. (Presumed Realized Value)

- estimate of the substitute value for insurance purposes